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MARKET RESEARCH&SALES SUPPORTMarket Research & Sales Support

Exhibition Support

We provide one-stop support for exhibiting at overseas exhibitions, from application to interpretation, sales support, and follow-up services.

Feasibility Study (F/S)

We will conduct a feasibility study on the marketability of your products in the Dubai market. This will help you understand the marketability of your product, develop a strategy to market your product, and improve your product as well as localize it.

Dubai Business Market Inspections

Our local knowledgeable representative will accompany you on a tour of the Dubai market. The purpose of this plan is to get a direct impression of the marketability. We also offer industry-specific inspection plans and will guide you based on our knowledge and experience.

Sales at local retailers

We have access to the shelves of food and beauty retailers where many Emirati (UAE nationals) congregate, allowing us to test-market your products.

Sales Representation

Based on the information of the products and services you are considering to expand your business, our representative will help you to find local buyers on a face to face basis.

Trade Practice Support

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the support you need to conduct business in Dubai.

Food and beauty products
Registration Support

In order to distribute products in Dubai, it is essential to pre-register the products with the Dubai authorities. We are your one-stop-shop for such practical work, making your business hassle-free and smooth.

  • Do you support opening restaurants in the UAE?

    We do not provide support for restaurants at this time.

  • Could you provide assistance if I aim to sell imported goods within the UAE or the broader Middle Eastern region?

    If you're considering wholesaling imported products to the UAE or the Middle East, customs clearance will be required. We can connect you with a specialized company that handles customs clearance.

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